Committee Approves FY24 Legislative Branch Bill

Jun 21, 2023
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the Full Committee met to consider the Fiscal Year 2024 bill for the Legislative Branch Subcommittee. The measure was approved by the Committee with a vote of 33 to 24.


The Legislative Branch bill includes $5.302 billion in discretionary appropriations to fund the offices of the House of Representatives and joint legislative branch items, a decrease of $262.9 million (or 4.7%) from the FY23 enacted level. Including Senate items, the total amount provided is $6.735 billion, a 2.4% reduction from the FY23 enacted level. The bill strikes a delicate balance, maintaining essential oversight responsibilities but doing so in a fiscally responsible manner.
Fiscal Year 2024 Legislative Branch Bill

  • Ensures Congress remains open and working for the American people by:
    • Increasing funding for recruiting, training, and retaining sworn Capitol Police officers;
    • Ensuring adequate resources for Members to effectively serve their constituents, including funding for staffing and other office expenditures; and
    • Providing modest increases to agencies that provide research and support for Members, including the Congressional Budget Office, Library of Congress, and Government Accountability Office.
  • Maintains funding to committees of the House of Representatives so it can hold the Biden Administration accountable by conducting vigorous oversight of the Executive Branch.

A summary of the bill is available here.
During the markup, Committee Republicans rejected amendments offered by the Democrats that would have:

  • Restored funding for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and prevented the office from being reorganized under the Chief Administrative Office.
  • Continued the restriction that prevents medical professionals from practicing while in Congress.

In addition, Republicans adopted the following amendments: 

  • Amodei (Manager’s Amendment) – makes technical changes to the bill and report.
    • The amendment was adopted by voice vote.
  • Amodei (En Bloc) – prohibits funding for unnecessary and polarizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and environmental initiatives; protects Americans against religious discrimination; and directs the Librarian of Congress to conduct a study on creating an exhibit celebrating American exceptionalism.
    • The amendment was adopted 33 to 25.
  • Clyde – limits unjustified increases to the Architect of the Capitol’s budget.
    • The amendment was adopted 33 to 24.

Chairwoman Kay Granger’s opening remarks are available here.
Subcommittee Chairman Mark Amodei’s opening remarks are available here.
Bill text, before adoption of amendments in Full Committee, is available here.
Bill report, before adoption of amendments in Full Committee, is available here.


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