Democrats Hijack Critical Troop Funding Bill for More Faulty “Stimulus” Spending

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Democrats Hijack Critical Troop Funding Bill for More Faulty “Stimulus” Spending
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Chances are looking slim for the House to consider an emergency troop funding and disaster assistance bill this week, House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis said today, due to a push by Democrat leaders and the White House to hijack the bill for use as a vehicle for yet more faulty “stimulus” spending.
The legislation – originally requested by the President in February – should contain urgently needed funding for military efforts overseas and disaster assistance for the Gulf oil spill. However, because of the “must-pass” status of the bill, the legislation is being manipulated behind closed doors by Democrat leaders to carry billions in extraneous spending for their election-year priorities.
The problems with this legislation were compounded this weekend in the wake of a letter sent by the President asking for yet another $50 billion in bailouts for states and other failed “stimulus” programs. Ironically, in the same letter, the President stated a need for more fiscal responsibility, saying “we must take additional steps to establish a fiscally sustainable budget path.”
“For five months, our troops have been waiting for Congress to approve a critical war funding bill. Since then, major disasters that require an immediate response have affected our country. Yet, Democrat leaders are hijacking this emergency legislation to shove through more and more government spending for failed stimulus programs and bailouts, which continues to delay its passage,” Lewis said.
Republicans strongly opposed the Democrat’s draft of the legislation – which has not had a public mark up or hearing – because it already contained billions in unnecessary spending, including $23 billion for the so-called “teacher” bailout. Now, Democrat leaders are again stalling the bill, ostensibly to attach the President’s new $50 billion request, regardless of the fiscal consequences and the lack of support for this spending by the American people.
“The President and the Democrat majority are putting bailouts for states ahead of funding for our troops and those suffering from disasters. This is not leadership, it is election year politics at its worst. If Democrat leaders would just put their insatiable desire for more government spending aside, we could pass a clean supplemental for our troops and disaster relief immediately – and get these funds where they are needed the most.” Lewis said.

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