Democrats Vote Against Paying Federal Employees for Third Time

Jan 24, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, a majority of House Democrats voted against a measure put forward by House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Kay Granger (R-TX) to immediately pay federal workers. This was the third time Granger, the top Republican on the Committee, has put forward the measure in the last week—and the third time Democrats have put politics above federal employees.

“Many of these people are on the front lines protecting our nation.  They shouldn’t suffer because of this unnecessary shutdown, and they don’t have to any longer if members would support this motion,” Granger said on the floor. “These employees have bills to pay and families to support.  This motion will ensure that they are able to do that immediately while we continue working toward a permanent solution that will reopen the government. The homeland security staff protecting the nation should not be harmed because some of my colleagues refuse to negotiate.”

While the motion ultimately failed, 13 Democrats joined with House Republicans in supporting the measure. Ten voted in favor of a similar measure yesterday.






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