Doomed Democrat Supplemental Bill Puts Troops at Risk

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Doomed Democrat Supplemental Bill Puts Troops at Risk
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tonight the House is considering an emergency supplemental spending bill for U.S. military efforts and disaster relief. Unfortunately, this critical legislation has been subject to outrageous political maneuvering by House Democrats to force the approval of billions in unrelated and unnecessary spending and controversial policy provisions.
“This bill represents the most irresponsible, convoluted legislative exercise I have ever seen in my 32 years in Congress. This process demonstrates the contempt Democrat leaders in Congress have for the taxpayer and for an open democratic process.” House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis said.
The emergency funding for U.S. war efforts in this legislation was requested by the President in February. After five months of delays and excuses, Democrat leaders are now using this bill to force through all manner of expensive, unnecessary, and controversial items.
Lewis stated that the Democrat majority has gone so far off any logical and reasonable path that even the White House has abandoned its own party and has now issued a threat to veto the legislation. In addition, if Congress does not get a clean troop funding bill to the White House by the July 4th recess, Defense Secretary Gates has said the Department of Defense will have to make “stupid” budget decisions – including cost-cutting measures that could affect our military readiness.
“The Democrat majority is treating this troop funding bill like a cash-cow for their election-year wish-list. We simply cannot place the men and women who are fighting for our country on the back burner while factions of the Democrat caucus jockey for more and more unrelated spending. It is extremely disappointing that this legislation – which should be purely focused on our real national priorities – is now a product of a flawed process, flawed policy, and failed leadership,” Lewis said.
“This bill is doomed, and it’s time for Democrat leaders to realize they are acting against the will of the American people. They need to set this flawed legislation aside and get a clean troop funding supplemental to the President’s desk - our troops deserve no less.”

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