GOP Appropropriators Respond to Wall Street Journal on Spending

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Appropriations Republicans Respond to the Wall Street Journal Editorial on Spending
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee send the follow letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, in response to the recent editorial, "The GOP Agenda": 
   "We are greatly concerned by the mischaracterization of House Appropriations Republicans in your editorial "The GOP Agenda" (Sept. 24) as part of the government spending problem. 
   "Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee have fought relentlessly and continuously to cut spending and stop exploding federal deficits. In fact, it was our committee that implemented major spending cuts when Republicans won the House majority in 1994 after 40 years of Democratic Party control.  
   "This year alone, Republicans on the Appropriations Committee have offered dozens of amendments to various funding bills to cut nearly $100 billion in federal spending, going head-to-head with Democratic leaders to stop the manipulation of the legislative process to ram through billions in unnecessary and wasteful spending and flawed legislative priorities. Additionally, we have led the effort for "clean" troop-funding bills and continuing resolutions, reductions in discretionary spending back to pre-stimulus and pre-bailout levels, the elimination of funding for the health-care bill, the "stimulus" bill and many other onerous job-killing regulations put forward by the Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders.  
   "We recognize and agree with the Journal and the American people that government spending is out of control and that Congress must stamp out bloated budgets that have led to record deficits and debt. Our Republican colleagues on the Appropriations Committee are fighting – often without fanfare – for real spending cuts, a smaller, more representative government and a sustainable financial future."
Rep. Jack Kingston (R., Ga.)
Rep. John Abney Culberson
(R., Texas)
Rep. Michael K. Simpson
(R., Idaho)

112th Congress