Granger and Aderholt on Commerce, Justice, and Science Bill

May 22, 2019
Press Release
WASHINGTON – Today, the Full Committee met to consider the fiscal year 2020 Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill. While the bill addresses a number of our nation's pressing priorities from expanding economic opportunity, making our communities safer, and investing in cutting-edge science, Committee Republicans were unable to support it due to controversial policy positions and the overall funding level.
Top Appropriations Committee Republican Kay Granger (R-TX) said, "Unfortunately, the Democrats omitted long-standing provisions including bipartisan firearms-related protections and national security measures from the Commerce, Justice, and Science bill. Also, the Majority's topline funding level is not in line with the budget reality we face. I want to work with my colleagues as the bill moves through the process to address these concerns."

Subcommittee Ranking Member Robert Aderholt (R-AL) added, "No doubt there are critical programs in this bill deserving of strong Congressional support, but that sentiment in no way negates the need for an over-arching plan for fiscal responsibility."
Backing their commitment to conservative polices, Committee Republicans offered amendments to:
  • Prevent taxpayer dollars from going to programs that provide legal representation for aliens;
  • Ensure that the United States Census Bureau is not limited in collecting population data;
  • Provide the law enforcement community with all available information when someone is denied through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS); and
  • Prohibit the use of funds to transfer or release individuals detained at Guantanamo Bay, ensuring that those that pose the most dangerous threats are appropriately contained.



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