Granger and Joyce Voice Concerns on Interior and Environment Bill

May 22, 2019
Press Release
WASHINGTON – Today, the Full Committee met to consider the fiscal year 2020 Interior and Environment appropriations bill. Due to the bill's overall funding increase and the removal of key bipartisan policy provisions enacted in prior years, Committee Republicans were unable to support the bill.
Top Appropriations Committee Republican Kay Granger (R-TX) said, "A five percent increase to the Interior and Environment bill, along with the increases seen in the other appropriations bills, continues us on the wrong fiscal path. In addition, previously enacted provisions have been needlessly removed from the bill. I want to work with my colleagues as the bill moves through the process to address these concerns."
Subcommittee Ranking Member Dave Joyce (R-OH) added, "While I am proud of the bipartisan work we have done on much of this bill, I remain deeply concerned with its unnecessary spending, which exceeds last year's enacted level by $1.7 billion despite the lack of a budget agreement to tackle our national debt. No doubt there are critical programs in this legislation that need more funding, but that does not give the Federal Government the right to borrow and spend without any over-arching plan for fiscal responsibility. I look forward to addressing these concerns so that the final bill can both receive bipartisan support and conserve our nation's resources that we all care so deeply about."
Backing their commitment to conservative polices, Committee Republicans offered amendments to:
  • Protect the use of traditional hunting ammunition and fishing tackle;
  • Maintain domestic energy production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge;
  • Support state-led conservation of sage-grouse; and
  • Reduce unnecessary spending contributing to the $22 trillion federal debt.
116th Congress