Granger on Final Subcommittee Markups

Jul 8, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the subcommittees on Commerce, Justice, and Science; Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development; Financial Services and General Government; and Defense met to consider their appropriations bills for fiscal year 2021. The measures were reported out to the full committee with concerns raised by Republicans.

Ranking Member Kay Granger (R-TX), the lead Republican for the Appropriations Committee, said of the measures, "While these bills fund priorities of Members on both sides of the aisle, Committee Democrats have chosen to turn these annual appropriations bills into partisan messaging measures filled with policy provisions and emergency spending unacceptable to Republicans. 
“Not only do these bills handcuff our law enforcement agencies that keep our communities safe, they also limit the Administration’s ability to preserve our national security, strengthen our borders, and maintain the safety of the American people. In addition, these bills fail to include long-standing provisions that protect life and the Second Amendment. 

“NASA’s space exploration programs are also not adequately funded, undercutting our path toward renewed American dominance in space and giving China an advantage. For far too long, we have allowed China to challenge us, with negative implications for both our economy and our national security. Being the world leader in space will be expensive, but it won’t be nearly as costly as the United States falling behind.

“Unfortunately, as we finish our subcommittee markups and move toward full committee consideration tomorrow, we have a lot of work to do to drop or modify controversial language and spending provisions that could jeopardize these bills being signed into law.”

Ranking Member Granger’s remarks in each subcommittee are linked below:
Commerce, Justice, and Science FY21 Subcommittee Markup
Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development FY21 Subcommittee Markup
Financial Services and General Government FY21 Subcommittee Markup
Defense FY21 Subcommittee Markup (not included because the markup was closed)

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