Granger on Interior and Environment Bill

May 15, 2019
Press Release
WASHINGTON – Today, the Interior and Environment Subcommittee met to consider its appropriations bill for fiscal year 2020. The measure was reported out of the Subcommittee and is expected to be considered soon by the Full Committee. 
Top Appropriations Committee Republican Kay Granger (R-TX) said of the measure, "The Interior and Environment bill would fund many programs that have bipartisan support – maintaining national parks, preventing wildlife trafficking, improving water infrastructure, and suppressing devasting wildfires. 
"However, the bill increases funding by 5% over last year's levels, with the EPA receiving an 8% increase – levels that are not in line with the current budget caps. I also have concerns with the removal of several key policy provisions previously enacted in this subcommittee's bill such as regulatory relief for livestock producers, conservation of sage-grouse, and protections for traditional hunting and fishing. 
"I want to work with my colleagues as the bill moves through the process to address these concerns and develop a fiscally responsible budget framework."


116th Congress