Granger on Plan for Fiscal Year 2024 Bills

Jun 12, 2023
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Today, House Appropriations Chairwoman Kay Granger released the following statement as the Committee plans to continue Fiscal Year 2024 markups. The Committee will consider the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies bill; Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies bill; and subcommittee allocations this week in Full Committee. Additional subcommittee markups will also be announced for this week.
“Last Congress, more than three trillion dollars was spent outside of the annual appropriations process. Government spending increased, our national debt sky-rocketed, and inflation soared, making it difficult for the American people to make ends meet.
“Because of years of out-of-control spending, it has been and will continue to be my priority to pass conservative bills that focus our limited resources on the core responsibilities of the federal government, including national defense, our veterans, and our border.
“The Fiscal Responsibility Act set a topline spending cap – a ceiling, not a floor – for Fiscal Year 2024 bills. That is why I will use this opportunity to mark up appropriations bills that limit new spending to the Fiscal Year 2022 topline level. In addition, by clawing back $115 billion in unnecessary, partisan programs, we will re-focus government spending consistent with Republican priorities, keeping total spending 1% lower than if we were operating under a continuing resolution. 
“To avoid a sequester next year that would dramatically impact our military readiness and lock in Democrats’ policies, Republicans on the Committee intend to act quickly to get all appropriations bills signed into law. We’ll use the appropriations process in the House to stake out our priorities and reverse the reckless spending of the last two years.”


118th Congress