House Passes Faulty “Stimulus” Legislation - Lewis: “Trillion is the new million in Washington”

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

House Passes Faulty “Stimulus” Legislation

Lewis: “Trillion is the new million in Washington”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House today passed the much-criticized “stimulus” legislation on a virtual party-line vote. The legislation contains a total of almost $800 billion, the majority of it to fund various new and existing government programs.

House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis voted no on the package.

“The President, whom I respect a great deal, is a fine salesman,” Lewis said.  “But facts are stubborn things.  The fact is that this stimulus package does more to permanently grow the size of the federal government than it does to stimulate the economy or create jobs.”

The legislation passed today contains funding to create or permanently expand 104 federal government programs. Only $122 billion – or 39% of the spending provisions – will actually be temporary, one-time infusions to stimulate the economy.

“If all of the new spending contained in this bill is carried forward into future years, future budgets will have to increase by at least 42 percent each year.  Is there anyone who really believes that this spending can be sustained?  When it comes to spending your money, trillion has become the new million in Washington.” Lewis said.   

In addition, the bill contains few provisions to provide true oversight over the spending of these funds. In fact there are no provisions that would stop potential misuse of these funds before – not after – they are spent.

“If the public thought the first Wall Street bailout bill was poorly managed, wait until you see the waste, fraud, and abuse in this bill,” Lewis said. “This is not stimulus. This is not job creation. And, it’s certainly is not the change this country needs or deserves.”








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