Lack of a Budget and Appropriations Bills Show Democrats Failure to Lead

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lack of a Budget and Appropriations Bills Show Democrats Failure to Lead
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis today again called for action on a budget resolution, the 12 annual Appropriations bills that fund the federal government, and an emergency war and disaster assistance supplemental. These critical pieces of legislation have been brought to a total stand-still by Democrat leaders.
“Again and again Democrat leaders have neglected the basic duty of Congress to pass responsible legislation to fund the nation’s critical needs – including military efforts overseas. Their election-year stall tactics on such important legislation shows a total failure in leadership and a complete disregard for vital needs of the country,” Lewis said.
“The sky-rocketing spending over the past three years by the Democrat majority has led to devastating levels deficits and debt that are stifling our nation’s recovery. Yet, Democrat leaders won’t even take the very first step – passing a budget – to rein in spending and address this urgent problem,” Lewis continued.
Lewis also noted that Democrat Majority Leader Hoyer today admitted that the House is not likely to pass a budget resolution this year – for the first time in over 30 years. The lack of a budget resolution will lead to a feeble “deeming” measure, allowing Democrat leaders to simply set spending levels for the next year and circumventing the confines of the regular budget process.
“Instead of acting responsibly to pass a budget and Appropriations bills that cut spending, Democrat leaders are succumbing to election year panic and are engaged in delay tactics and rule bending to avoid tough fiscal decisions. The American people want us to do our jobs, fund the country’s crucial needs, and be responsible with their tax dollars – not stick our heads in the sand until after November,” Lewis said.

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