Legislative Branch Subcommittee Chairman Crenshaw: "Congress Has to Work More Efficiently and Effectively With What We Have"

Jul 21, 2011
Press Release

House Appropriations Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch Chairman Ander Crenshaw today released the following statement in support of H.R. 2551, the Fiscal Year 2012 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill, as prepared for delivery:

"This bill funds operations of the House, the Capitol Police, national treasures such as the Library of Congress, as well as the maintenance of the historic buildings we meet in and the agencies that support Congress.

"While the legislative branch appropriations bill is the smallest of the annual Appropriations bills - less than one half of one percent of all spending - it presents a unique set of challenges and concerns, particularly in these tough economic times.

"Congress has asked all federal government agencies to rein in spending and do more with less. This budget takes the current economic climate to heart and begins in our own backyard with a 6.4% cut to Member, Committee, and Leadership offices. We all must share in the task of getting our fiscal house in order. Americans make these decisions day in and day out and expect Congress to do the same.

"Since I assumed the Chair of this Subcommittee in January of this year, we have cut spending in this title by 9.0% from fiscal year 2010 spending levels, returning this Subcommittee’s spending levels to $111 million below fiscal year 2009 levels. This marks the largest-ever, two-year reduction for this title, $329 million in total.

"Simply put, Congress has to work more efficiently and effectively with what we have. To those who may disagree with what we present here, let me underscore that the subcommittee has looked at the facts, established priorities, and set spending levels that will allow agencies to work safely and ably.

"Other federal agencies in this bill include the Capitol Police who are targeted to receive $340 million, the Library of Congress $577.3 million, and the Congressional Budget Office $43.8 million.

"This bill, as recommended, provides $3.326 billion for operations of the Legislative Branch, excluding Senate items traditionally determined by that body. This is 6.4%, or $227 million, below fiscal year 2011, and 2.8% from fiscal year 2010."

112th Congress