Lewis: Democrat’s Budget Full of Pie in the Sky Promises – Little Regard for the Taxpayer

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis: Democrat’s Budget Full of Pie in the Sky Promises – Little Regard for the Taxpayer

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis today criticized the newly unveiled budget plan crafted by House Democrats. The Democrats’ plan closely tracks the budget blueprint submitted by the Obama Administration this month and contains massive discretionary spending increases which will balloon the deficit and force taxpayers to bear the burden of increasing national debt.

“Our nation cannot throw money into programs hand over fist without forcing the taxpayer to suffer the consequences,” Lewis said. “Just like families across the nation, the government’s resources are limited and rapidly shrinking. If we embark on the spending spree outlined in the Democrat’s budget, the result will be massive debt, higher taxes, a rise in interest rates like we haven’t seen since the Carter Administration, and a stagnant economy.”

For Fiscal Year 2010, the Democrats’ budget contains $57 billion above last year in non-defense, domestic discretionary spending - an increase of 12%. Yet, the defense portion of the budget only receives a 4% increase in FY 2010 and a 12% increase over 5 years - which is less than the expected growth of inflation.

“This is the time when we need to set clear priorities that put ‘things we need’ first, and ‘things we’d like’ second,” Lewis said. “This budget does just the opposite by placing billions into untested and controversial new programs while putting essentials – like our national defense – at the back of the line.”

In addition, the budget released today uses accounting gimmicks to paint a rosier picture of future deficits than what will actually occur – including the promise to cut the deficit in half by basing the numbers on unrealistic economic growth and inflated budget baselines.

“The Democrats’ budget is full of pie-in-the-sky promises, with little regard for the taxpayer or the health of the nation’s finances. Instead of rigging the numbers to fool the American people, the Democrats and the Obama Administration should honor their campaign promises to go line by line through the budget and make tough decisions on spending,” Lewis said.

“Members of both parties can work together to make this a better product. It will take time and effort, but we must have the courage to make hard decisions and act in the best interest of American taxpayers,” Lewis said. “I hope that President Obama and the Democrat leadership will allow this bipartisan work to happen and not squelch the efforts of those in either party that wish to see a more responsible spending plan.”










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