Lewis: Omnibus Spending is “Unnecessary, Irresponsible, Unaffordable, and Unsustainable”

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis: Omnibus Spending is “Unnecessary, Irresponsible, Unaffordable, and Unsustainable”

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The House today passed the “Omnibus” appropriations bill, which funds several government agencies and programs through the end of the 2009 fiscal year. House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis voted against the bill.

The Omnibus legislation is the latest in a series of large, un-vetted spending bills being rushed through Congress by the Democrat majority. This bill is a compilation of nine annual Appropriations bills that were not completed last year, and contains $410 billion in spending - an eight percent increase over last year’s levels.

However, to gauge the true level of spending for these same programs and agencies this year, the spending contained in the Omnibus must be combined with the spending for the same programs included in the recently passed “stimulus” legislation. When combined, the total funding for these agencies equals $680 billion – or an 80 percent increase over last year.

"An 80 percent spending increase in government programs in a single year is unnecessary, irresponsible, unaffordable, and unsustainable. At a time when American households are cutting unnecessary spending to weather this economic storm, the federal government should be doing the same.... not piling spending on spending and jamming through one massive bill after another with no end in sight,” Lewis said.

The Omnibus legislation also includes several controversial policy items that have not been properly scrutinized or debated by Congress or the public. In fact, the vast majority of Members of Congress have little – if any – opportunity to shape this legislation. The bill was released for viewing on Monday, did not go through Committee, and was brought to the House floor under a procedure that prohibited amendments.

“Should our nation ease our Cuba travel restrictions, change our family planning policies, or halt development of Yucca Mountain? These are policies that should be thoroughly studied and openly debated – not shoved through with two days notice on the back of another huge spending bill,” Lewis said. “This is poor way to govern, and shows the lack of ability by this Democratic Congress to make tough choices in the light of day.”

Lewis continued, “Hopefully this legislation represents the end of these hasty, taxpayer funded spending sprees. Congress and this Administration must work together, regardless of party, from this point on to restore the faith of the American people and start working for true fiscal responsibility.”















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