Lewis Praises Republican Pledge to America - Calls Spending Cut Plan “Essential and Long Overdue”

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis Praises Republican Pledge to America 
Calls Spending Cut Plan “Essential and Long Overdue”
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis issued the following statement on the unveiling of the Republican “Pledge to America” today:
“The “Pledge to America” released today by House Republicans is an important first step to put our nation’s budget back into the black, and represents a steadfast commitment to the American people to put our country on a responsible financial path.
“Over the last several years, non-defense, discretionary spending has blown out of control. Without immediate efforts to cut back this massive spending, our nation will be on the fast-track to bankruptcy and continued economic decline.
“The cuts and controls on spending in the ‘Pledge to America’ are essential and long overdue. Cutting non-security and non-veterans budgets to pre-bailout and pre-stimulus levels, limiting discretionary spending, rescinding money from failed government programs, and reducing Congress’s budget are some of the steps that can be taken immediately to improve our nation’s fiscal health and help rein in our sky-rocketing deficits and debt.
 “The time is NOW to put Uncle Sam on a diet. Americans have spoken out, and have told Congress to stop sending precious tax dollars down bureaucratic black-holes, and to start making budget choices that will create jobs and improve our economy. Republicans have listened, and pledged today to spend less, get more for each and every tax dollar, and create a more sustainable and balanced financial future for all Americans.”

112th Congress