Lewis Reiterates Opposition to Stop-Gap Measure Spending Add-ons

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis Reiterates Opposition to Stop-Gap Measure Spending Add-ons
WASHINGTON, D.C. – In light of media reports that a stop-gap funding measure to continue government operations into the next fiscal year may be brought to a vote by Democrat leaders as early as this week, House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis today reiterated his firm opposition to any extraneous spending or policy items being added to the bill. The legislation – called a “Continuing Resolution” (CR) is needed due to the failure of the Democrat-led Congress to complete any of the 12 Appropriations bills to fund the federal government prior to the end of the fiscal year on September 30th.
 “The Democrat leadership and the Obama Administration once again appear to be hijacking a routine legislative measure to ram through billions in additional spending and political priorities just weeks before the election. How many times do the American people have to say ‘enough is enough’ before these Democrat leaders start listening?” Lewis asked.
In addition, Lewis also expressed concern over the lack of transparency and oversight surrounding the CR, noting that no one – except perhaps a handful of Democrat staff – have even seen the legislation that must be brought to a vote before the end of next week.  In addition, the measure may be considered in the Senate first – prior to a House-vote – which circumvents the democratic process provided for in the Constitution and goes against longstanding precedent that Appropriations measures must first be considered in the Peoples’ House.
“At a time when this Congress should be focused on cutting spending to steer our nation off the path to bankruptcy, it would be appalling if Democrat leaders try and slide through even more spending on a last-minute, must pass bill by circumventing the rules and keeping the details secret until the last possible minute,” Lewis said.
“This is an important bill to keep the government operating until the basic budgetary work of the Congress is completed. Any attempt by Speaker Pelosi and Democrat leaders to use cheap legislative tricks to manipulate the legislation and shove through even more unsustainable spending and flawed policies will not only be met with strong opposition from Appropriations Republicans, but from the American people,” Lewis continued.

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