Lewis Urges Action on Government Spending Freeze at 2008 Levels

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis Urges Action on Government Spending Freeze at 2008 Levels
WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis today joined House Republican Leader John Boehner in calling for an immediate spending freeze that would hold most domestic discretionary spending at 2008 funding levels.
“Multiple bailouts, failed stimulus experiments, unrestrained government spending, and record deficits have pushed our nation to the brink of bankruptcy. We must rein in spending now to get back on a sustainable and prosperous financial path,” Lewis said.
 “Holding government spending at 2008 levels will save the taxpayers nearly a $100 billion dollars this year, and will force the necessary budget decisions to stop the fiscal hemorrhaging that has been the hallmark of this Democrat Congress,” Lewis continued.
Lewis stated that President Obama and his Democrat Congress have not approved a single Appropriations bill this year, or even an overall budget. Lewis said that this failure to act responsibly, combined with haphazard, flawed legislation and policies, has perpetuated uncertainty and economic instability, job loss, and a contributed to the nation’s drawn-out recession.
“We don’t need more spending and more reliance on government to get our economy back on track. We need the flexibility and ingenuity that comes when business owners and entrepreneurs have the resources to invest in their companies and create jobs,” Lewis said, “Lowering government spending, extending tax cuts, and lifting overly-invasive regulations will free up resources to create new jobs and shore up America’s economic future.”

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