Lewis: War Supplemental Add-ons Abound, but Where’s the Bill?

Apr 12, 2011
Press Release

Lewis: War Supplemental Add-ons Abound, but Where’s the Bill?
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  With the clock ticking down until Congress adjourns for the Memorial Day recess, House Appropriations Ranking Republican Jerry Lewis today asked for an end to the unnecessary maneuvering by House Democrats that has caused the holdup of a critical emergency war funding and disaster assistance bill.  
Media reports indicate that Democrats are jostling for billions in funding for extraneous add-ons to the emergency legislation – including an additional $23 billion to bail out state governments. It remains unclear when Democrat leaders will release the legislation to Members of Congress or the public, and when will it be brought to the House Appropriations Committee and to the House floor.
“Every day we hear about new spending that Democrats want to jam onto an emergency troop funding and disaster assistance bill, yet every day goes by without them unveiling the actual legislation. My question to the Democrat majority is this: your add-ons abound, but where is the bill?
“As we approach Memorial Day – a day to honor those who have served our country – our troops are running dangerously low on funds. Our disaster assistance accounts are all but empty, and the need for relief from these disasters is continually growing. Yet, Democrats are once again playing political games, delaying the bill, and ignoring the pleas of the American people to stop backdoor maneuvers and taxpayer-financed spending sprees.
“This legislation would have passed long ago if it was “clean” and free of unnecessary add-ons. Instead of passing this critical legislation and finding spending cuts to offset costs, Democrats are dallying – looking for ways to spend even more tax dollars. It’s bad enough that the Majority is avoiding passing a budget, but our troops can’t afford the delay in passing a bill to support them in the war on terror.”
“Our troops and the American people need this bill right now, not weeks from now, and certainly not after it’s been loaded up with billions in bailouts,” Lewis said.

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