Rogers: Reid's Refusal to Make Serious Spending Cuts Puts Budget Negotiations in Peril

May 10, 2011
Press Release

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers today called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put aside political games and budget gimmicks to come to a final budget agreement that includes real, substantive spending cuts to help put the nation on a more sustainable fiscal path.
The statement by Chairman Rogers follows:
“Leader Reid not only failed to bring any budget work to completion last year, but has also not brought forward any plan this year to complete this long-overdue work. Now, six months into the fiscal year, he is yet again impeding progress on a final budget package.
“My Committee entered into budget negotiations last week in good faith, with a clear purpose of reducing federal spending and finally finishing this funding legislation by working together with the Senate. While we have made some progress – and hope to continue to do so – we cannot and will not falter in our commitment to concrete spending cuts that will start the downward trajectory of federal budgets for years to come.
“However, Senator Reid is attempting to abuse the budget process and limit the ability of Appropriations negotiators to complete their work – dictating the use of gimmicks and phony accounting to sneak more spending through the Congress and by the American people. It is my sincere hope that Leader Reid will let the will of the American people prevail by allowing negotiators to produce real spending reductions, prevent a government shutdown, and bring this drawn-out saga to an end.”

112th Congress