Committee Republicans Object To Interior-Environment and Legislative Branch Bills

Jul 10, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the full committee met to consider the fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills for the subcommittees on Interior-Environment and the Legislative Branch. Committee Republicans were unable to support these two bills due to several new policy proposals and a total spending level that is hundreds of billions of dollars above the budget agreement.
Ranking Member Kay Granger (R-TX), the lead Republican on the Appropriations Committee, said, "While these bills address priorities on both sides of the aisle, Republicans simply cannot support bills that strip long-standing, common-sense provisions and instead include partisan legislative language and spending proposals.
“As I’ve said before, we will have to address these controversial policy riders and the excessive spending seen across-the- board as these bills move forward. That is the only way these bills will have any chance of becoming law.”
Interior and Environment Subcommittee Ranking Member Dave Joyce (R-OH) added, "There are numerous investments in this bill that I applaud, including resources to continue the restoration of the Great Lakes and critical funding to implement VAWA in Indian Country. These provisions rightfully have strong bipartisan support, but that support is being undermined by partisanship that threatens our energy security and gives the Federal Government a license to continuously borrow and spend without any overarching plan for fiscal responsibility. This is a challenging and polarizing time - a time in which Americans need us to work together to put forth legislation that garners support from both sides of the aisle and can be signed into law. I remain committed to doing just that."
Legislative Branch Subcommittee Ranking Member Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) added, “The Legislative Branch Appropriations bill contains important funding to make the Capitol more accessible to disabled Americans; for the Library of Congress to improve its collections and facilities; and to support the critical mission of the Capitol Police as they protect and serve visitors, staff, and the facilities of Congress. However, I have concerns with the increase in funding above the agreed upon spending caps on the back of ‘emergency’ funding in other bills, but I remain hopeful we can work together to craft a bill upon which we can all agree.”
Backing their commitment to conservative policies, Republican Members offered amendments to:

  • Fund the request for improved management of conventional energy development;
  • Remove harmful riders that weaken America’s domestic energy and mineral security; and
  • Rein in the Environmental Protection Agency’s unreasonable and cumbersome regulations that hurt job creators.

Ranking Member Granger’s remarks in each full committee markup today are linked below:
Interior and Environment FY21 Full Committee Markup
Legislative Branch FY 21 Full Committee Markup

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