Granger Remarks on Legislative Branch FY21 Full Committee Markup

Jul 10, 2020

I want to thank Chairman Ryan and Ranking Member Herrera-Beutler for the work they have done to address critical issues that affect the Congress.

This bill recognizes the important, bipartisan work of the House Select Committee on Modernization and takes steps to make Congress more effective, efficient, and transparent on behalf of the American people.

This bill funds priorities of the Architect of the Capitol in order to support the Capitol’s aging infrastructure and promote the safety and health of employees and visitors.

The men and women of the Capitol Police demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism, and this bill recognizes their service and sacrifice by ensuring they have the resources they need to continue keeping the complex safe.

Unfortunately, I have concerns that will prevent me from supporting this bill in its current form.

Just 11 months ago, the bipartisan budget agreement set the topline spending level for fiscal year 2021. There was consensus at the time that bills would not contain policy riders. This bill violates the spirt of that agreement.

The total cost of this bill increases by five percent, and there are new riders inserted that are more appropriately addressed by the authorizing committees and the Joint Committee of Congress on the Library.

I hope we can come together on these issues as the process moves forward. 

In closing, I want to thank the subcommittee Members for their work on this bill, as well as the Majority and Minority staff.

Thank you, Madam Chairman, I yield back.