Chairman Frelinghuysen Statement Before the Rules Committee on H.J. Res. 99, a Short-Term Continuing Resolution

Apr 27, 2017

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen presented before the Rules Committee today H.J.Res. 99, a short-term continuing resolution funding the government through May 5, 2017. 

His statement follows:

Good evening. Chairman Sessions and Ranking Member Slaughter, thank you very much for having me before the Rules Committee today.

I bring before the Committee H.J. Res. 99, a short-term continuing resolution, and ask for its immediate consideration.

The current continuing resolution expires tomorrow. I am optimistic that a full-year funding package will be completed soon, but we need a little more time to process this legislation and prepare it for the floor.

The resolution before you today will ensure that the government stays open for another week – until May 5, 2017. It extends current funding levels for essential government operations that the American people rely on – including, most importantly, our national security.

It continues all policy and funding provisions in the currently enacted CR.

In addition, it includes an extension of the December CR provision for health care benefits for retired coal miners and their dependents for the length of the CR.

I am here before you today to seek an appropriate rule to allow for the prompt consideration of this important measure.  

It’s critical that Congress pass this legislation as soon as possible to keep the government open and operating as we wrap up our full-year FY17 work. We are very close, and are making final decisions now. It is imperative that we fulfill our Constitutional duty to fund the government, and it is the intention of my Committee and the leadership to get this FY 2017 work done and behind us.

A continuing resolution is never my preference for funding the government, but at this point a short-term CR extension is our best path forward while we wrap up a final funding package.

Thank you and I stand ready to answer any questions you may have.