September 30, 2020 Statement
"Congress needs to understand the full impact of the pandemic on Native Americans, and how to better meet the needs of your communities in future relief packages."
July 30, 2020 Statement
"This package prioritizes the lives and livelihoods of the American people, and makes the strong investments needed to build a stronger future for every person."
July 29, 2020 Statement
"What’s good for our babies is good for our budget. With this bill, we can do what’s good for our babies."
July 23, 2020 Statement
"The package is the product of months of thoughtful deliberation and input from Members on both sides of the aisle. I am proud of the work we have completed under the incredibly difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. This appropriations package addresses urgent national priorities."
July 22, 2020 Statement
"The Appropriations Committee is charged with one of the most important responsibilities entrusted to Congress by the Constitution: the power of the purse. I am proud that we have used that power to make investments that will make the world better, safer, and healthier and give every person a better chance at a better life."
July 15, 2020 Statement
"This bill improves economic security of communities across the country and betters the lives of the American public, whether it be improving their tax filing experience, protecting their financial investments, promoting small business creation, or combatting drug trafficking and much more."
July 15, 2020 Statement
"The Financial Services and General Government bill directly impacts hardworking families, workers, and small businesses, many of whom were already struggling before the pandemic and are now facing serious hardship."
July 15, 2020 Statement
"This bill as a whole will strengthen our security and keep Americans safe while upholding our American values of fairness and respect. Strong investments in modern, effective technologies will improve homeland security missions, from cybersecurity and disaster preparedness to border and maritime security. It also provides resources to meet the humanitarian needs of migrants and, critically, it prohibits the administration from raiding funds for the President’s wasteful border wall."
July 15, 2020 Statement
"No funding is provided for border barriers. And because the Administration continues to ignore the will of Congress by diverting funding to barrier construction beyond what Congress appropriates, the bill rescinds unobligated border barrier funding and prohibits the diversion of any more funding for that purpose."
July 15, 2020 Statement
"I chose Appropriations because I believed it was the best place to give more people a better chance at a better life. After nearly 30 years on Committee, I still believe that."