Chairman Rogers Statement on FY 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations Act at Full Committee

Jun 6, 2011

“As President Eisenhower famously said, our country is entitled to both safety AND solvency. ‘We need an adequate defense, but every arms dollar we spend above adequacy has a long-term weakening effect upon the nation and its security,’ he said. In that vein, this bill maintains the crucial measures that keep our citizens safe while also protecting them from the very real dangers of uncontrolled debt.

“Our national security is of the upmost importance, and Americans across the country deserve the safety and peace of mind that herald from strong and well-executed homeland security. However, in these challenging economic times, we must also make the most of our limited resources in all areas of government. This means prioritizing our most crucial and effective programs – and in some cases, making difficult cuts to rein in federal spending. This Homeland Security bill represents our Committee’s dedication to careful stewardship of precious taxpayer dollars, fully funding critical frontline personnel, operations and programs and upholding the highest levels of national security.

“Where fitting, we’ve added funding, and where necessary, we’ve sliced. In the past few weeks, Mother Nature has wrought havoc in the South – demonstrating the need for sufficient disaster relief funding. We’ve addressed the Department’s woefully inadequate request for FEMA. We’ve also bolstered our immigration and border security efforts, ensuring that our men and women on the front lines have all of the necessary operational resources at their disposal. And we’ve significantly reduced or eliminated ineffective and wasteful programs, while requiring reforms in underperforming programs through heightened oversight, to get the most out of each and every tax dollar.

“As a founding member of this subcommittee, I know this important work is now in the capable hands of its new Chairman, Mr. Aderholt, and I commend him on a job well done. I urge my colleagues to support this bill.”