Chairman Rogers Statement on the Pay Our Guard and Reserve Act

Oct 3, 2013

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers gave the following statement on the Pay our Guard and Reserve Act, which passed on a vote of 265-160, on the House floor today:

"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of the brave men and women of our military, who stand at the ready to defend this homeland.

"This legislation will provide the men and women of the National Guard and Reserve with due compensation for their service – on time and in full – throughout the government shutdown.

"Our intention with the Pay our Military Act was to support ALL of our men and women in uniform. This legislation merely fixes a technical drafting error to amend this.

"Once again, I believe this is an important action to get us on the path toward ending this crisis. This bill underscores the need to sufficiently and appropriately fund the entire federal government – to preserve our national security and get this nation back on stable footing. The House and the Senate must work together to flip the switch on this shutdown – not only for our troops, but for everyone who calls this nation their home.

"It is our responsibility as Members of Congress to take care of our troops. Just as each of my colleagues in this body voted for the Pay Our Military Act, I hope they will do the same today.

"Thank you."