Granger on FY24 Financial Services and General Government Markup

Jun 22, 2023

As we continue to move through markups, it is important to remember that this is not a normal funding year. Trillions of dollars were spent outside of the annual appropriations process during the last Congress, and we must re-evaluate our spending priorities.

The Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Services bill reflects that goal – and ensures that misplaced spending is re-prioritized to meet our most pressing needs. As we seek to fully fund our national defense, veterans, and border security, unnecessary spending will be lower on the priority list.

I am pleased to see that the bill before us rejects significant increases in the President’s Budget Request, and instead saves billions of dollars by:

  • Reclaiming unspent funds from bills outside of the appropriations process; and
  • Preventing the IRS from hiring tens of thousands of new agents.

Many Members requested that we include provisions that affect all appropriations, government-wide. This bill includes many of those important policy riders and prohibits funding for controversial programs and unnecessary climate change rules.

It also continues long-standing pro-life protections that are important to our side of the aisle.

I want to thank Chairman Womack, the subcommittee members, and staff – both Majority and Minority – for their hard work on this bill.