Granger Remarks at FY23 Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration Subcommittee Markup

Jun 15, 2022

Chairman Bishop, thank you for presenting the fiscal year 2023 bill that funds Agriculture, Rural Development, and the Food and Drug Administration. 

I also want to recognize the hard work of the acting ranking member of the subcommittee, Dr. Harris. 

I appreciate both of you working to fund priorities of Members on both sides of the aisle.

While this bill funds many important programs, it is based on a funding level that passed the House without Republican support.   

In addition to concerns about spending, I have a few examples of what must be carefully reviewed as this particular bill moves through the process. 

First, the bill includes language essentially giving the administration unlimited spending authority for a nutrition program that was already dramatically expanded during the pandemic. 

At a time when our nation’s spending is at an all-time high, we should be finding ways to rein in spending, rather than writing a blank check.

Many of us are frustrated by the lack of leadership at the FDA in addressing critical food safety-related issues, specifically the infant formula recall and shortage.

Instead of holding the agency accountable, this bill provides a significant increase for the FDA that will go to hire more of the same bureaucrats that missed the problem in the first place.

It is abundantly clear the FDA needs strong leadership, and providing more funds will not fix this problem.

Our committee has given large increases in the past, and to this day, we still do not know how these funds have been used.

This will be more of the same – wasteful government spending without results.

Some other programs in this bill receive double-digit percentage increases that will grow the size of the federal government.

Yet, the bill does nothing to help farmers and ranchers who are struggling with record-high costs for things like fuel and fertilizer. This will not help the American families struggling with record-high grocery prices.

In spite of our differences, we will work together as this process moves forward to ensure this important bill is signed into law.

We are committed to supporting our farmers and ranchers, expanding internet coverage into rural areas, and ensuring that our drugs and medical devices are safe and effective.

Both sides will have to agree to leave out controversial provisions and set more reasonable funding levels to get there. 

Mr. Chairman, I look forward to continuing to work with you and Chair DeLauro as we move forward.

Thank you. I yield back.