Granger Remarks at FY23 Energy and Water Development Full Committee Markup

Jun 28, 2022

Madam Chair, thank you for yielding.

First, I want to thank Chairwoman Kaptur and Ranking Member Simpson for their work on the fiscal year 2023 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill. I also want to acknowledge the committee staff for their efforts.

This bill addresses priorities of Members on both sides of the aisle and does many good things.

In particular, the bill continues significant funding for the Army Corps of Engineers for navigation and flood control projects. These investments are critical in our local communities to boost the economy and enhance public safety.

Unfortunately, just like with the other bills the committee has considered, this bill is based on a funding level that passed the House without Republican support.

Inflation is pushing costs higher and higher on all Americans. We must do more to rein in government spending on lower priority programs, so we don’t make inflation worse.

That is why I am disappointed that this bill doubles down on climate change initiatives, instead of taking action to ensure affordable, secure, and reliable energy for the American people.

I am also concerned that the funding decisions in this bill are not focused on strengthening our national security.

For example, the bill does not meet the budget request for the Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons and naval reactors – a request that was already insufficient to address the global threats we face.

In order for this bill to become law, controversial provisions will have to be removed and a more reasonable funding level will have to be set.

I look forward to working together on these very important issues as we move forward.

Thank you, Madam Chair, I yield back.