Granger Remarks at FY23 Interior and Environment Full Committee Markup

Jun 29, 2022

Madam Chair, thank you for yielding.

First, I want to thank Chair Pingree and Ranking Member Joyce for their work on the fiscal year 2023 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill.

I also want to acknowledge the committee staff for all of their efforts.

I appreciate that this bill addresses priorities of Members on both sides of the aisle.

It prioritizes funding to maintain our national parks and supports efforts to stop the trafficking of endangered species.

In addition, the bill helps address education, health, and safety needs in Indian Country.

Even though the bill funds many shared priorities, I do have concerns about our path forward.

The bill eliminates several long-standing provisions that have had bipartisan support for many years.

It also adds controversial provisions like those that limit domestic energy and timber production.

Energy prices are sky-rocketing and gas has hit record highs this summer. It is time to embrace a domestic energy strategy to bring costs down, protect American jobs, grow our economy, and ensure our national security.

In addition, the spending in this bill is based on a funding level that passed the House without Republican support.

Numerous agencies in this bill would receive unnecessary double-digit percentage increases. One example is the Environmental Protection Agency, which is funded at an unprecedented level.   

Inflation is at a record high, and Americans are struggling to pay for everyday goods like gas and groceries. We should be reducing federal spending and directing our limited resources to our nation’s most pressing needs.

I look forward to working together on these very important issues as we move forward.

Thank you, Madam Chair, I yield back.