Granger Remarks at FY23 Legislative Branch Subcommittee Markup

Jun 15, 2022

Thank you, Chairman Ryan, for presenting the fiscal year 2023 Legislative Branch appropriations bill. I also want to recognize Ranking Member Herrera Beutler for her work on this subcommittee. Both of you are dedicated to addressing priorities of all Members of Congress, and I will start with some of the items you have worked on together.

The bill before us will enable more collaboration between Members and staff, specifically through funding to develop new electronic systems to draft legislation. Across the Capitol campus, buildings and infrastructure are in desperate need of attention. This bill allows the Architect of the Capitol to perform delayed maintenance, as well as implement safety enhancements.

This bill also recognizes the service and sacrifice of our Capitol Police. It builds their workforce, both sworn officers and civilians, and makes security improvements. The bill also provides resources to implement the Inspector General’s recommendations to enable the Capitol Police to perform its mission.

Unfortunately, I do have some concerns about the bill in its current form. Total spending for the Legislative Branch increases by more than twenty percent. This is based on a topline funding level that was set with no Republican support when it was passed in the House last week.

The legislation also includes provisions that prioritize government resources for items that sound like a liberal wish-list.

These are out of touch with how Americans expect the Legislative Branch to operate and where they expect us to spend their hard-earned dollars. While Members on our side of the aisle disagree with the Majority on their spending and policy decisions, we do agree we should start the process. By moving bills through the committee and to the floor, we can start the necessary work of improving these bills so they can be signed into law.

We need bills that Members on both sides of the aisle can get behind, so we need to start working now to improve them. Our mark-ups today are just the first step in this process.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I yield back.