Granger Remarks at FY24 Defense Appropriations Bill Full Committee Markup

Jun 22, 2023

As the former chair of the Defense Subcommittee, I know firsthand what it takes to craft this bill.

I want to thank Chairman Calvert for his hard work.

I have no doubt this bill will strengthen our military and keep it focused on its mission.

The world around us is becoming more dangerous.

China is rapidly modernizing and becoming more aggressive in the Pacific, Russia continues its war against Ukraine, and Iran and North Korea are investing in ballistic missile capabilities.

We cannot afford to take these threats lightly.

We must provide the men and women of our military with the tools they need to defend our nation.

It sends a clear message that the United States is serious about investing in our capabilities, such as ammunition and ships, we will support our allies, and we are prepared to meet and defeat our enemies.