Granger Remarks At Consideration of FY24 Subcommittee Allocations

Jun 14, 2023

As we begin debate on the subcommittee allocations, I would like to set the stage for how we got where we are today.
I’ll start with some background. I mentioned yesterday that during the last Congress, more than three trillion dollars was spent outside of the annual appropriations process. Government spending increased, and inflation soared. That is why we have no choice but to reduce spending where we can.
In addition, the President’s Budget was more than a month late, which delayed the Congressional budget process. It also took months to resolve the debt ceiling. But, now that we have a framework, we can move forward with our bills.
While the Fiscal Responsibility Act set the topline spending limit, it does not require that we mark up our bills to that level. Simply put, the debt ceiling bill set a ceiling, not a floor, for Fiscal Year 2024 bills. 
The allocations before us reflect the change Members on my side of the aisle want to see by returning spending to responsible levels. They also fulfill our commitment to focus our limited resources on the core responsibilities of the federal government. National security, veterans, and border security are our priorities.
With just months before the end of the Fiscal Year, we must not delay. We need to work quickly to have all twelve bills signed into law by September 30th. 
I urge a yes vote on this amendment to the allocations.