Granger Remarks on Revised FY22 Subcommittee Allocations

Jul 16, 2021

Madam Chair, thank you for yielding.

The revised spending allocations presented today contain only technical corrections to the initial allocations, which were adopted on a party-line vote two weeks ago. 

Because there are no substantive changes from the initial allocations, I must once again oppose them. 

They do not change the topline spending levels for any of the subcommittee bills – even though Members on my side of the aisle have consistently asked for bipartisan cooperation on funding levels.

These spending levels continue to short-change our national defense, while providing huge increases to domestic programs. Non-defense spending would increase by nearly 17% overall, and some agencies would receive unprecedented 30-40% increases above fiscal year 2021. 

Underfunding our national defense while giving such extreme increases to domestic programs is unacceptable to Members on my side of the aisle. 

I urge a no vote and yield back my time.