Granger Remarks on State and Foreign Operations FY21 Full Committee Markup

Jul 9, 2020

Madam Chair, thank you for yielding.

During this time of instability around the world, it is important to remember that our investments abroad can make us more secure at home. The fiscal year 2021 bill funds many programs that would do just that.

The bill provides $3.3 billion for Israel, demonstrating our unwavering support for the security of our great ally and partner.

It protects funding for embassy security and counter-terrorism programs. The bill also includes funds to advance global health, promote democracy, and address human trafficking.

Unfortunately, while there are areas where we agree, I have serious concerns about partisan riders that have been inserted and the negative impact they could have.

As I said during the subcommittee markup, the bill includes permanent changes in law that would overturn the current Mexico City Policy.

This is controversial language that I hope we can reverse as the bill moves forward. 

I am also disappointed to see that long-standing provisions aimed at enhancing transparency at the United Nations were removed. These conditions were first put into place when I was subcommittee chair and should be included in this legislation.

Finally, as I’ve expressed many times this week, I am concerned about the level of spending in this bill and many others.

We had a budget agreement 11 months ago where we settled on spending caps. Now is not the time to reverse course without buy-in from Members on our side of the aisle.

To close, I want to thank Ranking Member Rogers, the former Chairman of the Full Committee, for his leadership on this subcommittee.

I also want to thank the hardworking Majority and Minority staff for their efforts.

I yield back.