Granger Remarks on Two-Year Budget Agreement

Jul 25, 2019
WASHINGTON – Today, top Appropriations Committee Republican Kay Granger (R-TX) delivered the following remarks on H.R. H.R. 3877, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019.
Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 3877.  I am proud to support this two-year budget agreement because the alternative – not having an agreement – is simply not an option.   
This deal keeps our economy on solid footing, because the United States will avoid defaulting on our financial obligations. 
Most importantly, with this agreement we can continue to invest in rebuilding our nation’s defense and protecting our strategic interests around the world. 
The threat of terrorism continues, and Russian, Chinese, and Iranian aggression is on the rise.     It is critical that our military is ready to meet and defeat all threats.
Unfortunately, unless we pass this bill, our military and our veterans would face arbitrary cuts that would be harmful to our security and that of our partners, such as Israel and Jordan.
When I was the Chairwoman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I worked with    then-Secretary Mattis to put a plan together to rebuild the military in five years. 
We have only appropriated the funds for two of the five years needed.  If this bill does not pass, the impending cuts will have a devastating impact on our national security. 
Our constitution explicitly states that Congress provides for the common defense.  If we do not pass this bill, we have failed to live up to our constitutional responsibilities.
Not only does this budget agreement stabilize funding for our nation’s military over the next two years, it also sets up a framework to prevent harmful “poison pill” riders from being included in must-pass funding bills.
Finally, this agreement sets us on a path to complete an orderly appropriations process and avoid a costly government shutdown.
The President should be commended for negotiating with congressional leaders to protect key conservative priorities – from maintaining our position as the most powerful military in the world to protecting the life of the unborn.
I urge my colleagues to join me in voting for this bill and sending it to the President’s desk quickly for a signature.
I yield back the balance of my time.