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  • José Serrano
  • Matt Cartwright
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  • Department of the Treasury
  • District of Columbia
  • The Judiciary
  • Executive Office of the President (Compensation of the President, Council of Economic Advisers, Executive Residence at the White House, Federal Drug Control Programs, High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program, National Security Council, Office of Administration, Office of Management and Budget, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Office of Policy Development, Official Residence of the Vice President, Special Assistance to the President, Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Unanticipated Needs, White House Office, White House Repair and Restoration)
  • Independent Agencies
    • Administrative Conference of the United States 
    • Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation 
    • Consumer Product Safety Commission 
    • Election Assistance Commission 
    • Federal Communications Commission 
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Inspector General 
    • Federal Election Commission 
    • Federal Labor Relations Authority 
    • Federal Trade Commission 
    • General Services Administration 
    • Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation 
    • Merit Systems Protection Board 
    • Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation 
    • National Archives and Records Administration 
    • National Credit Union Administration 
    • National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
    • Office of Government Ethics 
    • Office of Personnel Management and Related Trust Funds 
    • Office of Special Counsel
    • Securities and Exchange Commission 
    • Selective Service System 
    • Small Business Administration 
    • United States Postal Service, Payment to the Postal Service Fund, Postal Regulatory Commission and Office of Inspector General
    • United States Tax Court
  • General Provisions, Governmentwide

Recent Activity

June 29, 2017 Press Release
Inadequate funding remains only part of the story. Poison pill riders turn a bad bill into another example of the Republican Majority’s culture war. Attacks on women’s health care, efforts to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and an attempt to sneak 88 pages of the Financial CHOICE Act into this bill and effectively repeal Dodd-Frank are particularly shameful.
June 12, 2017 Press Release
The vital role that the Treasury Department plays in both the domestic and global economy cannot be overstated. That’s why I was so disappointed with this year’s Treasury budget request, which slashes funding by $372 million.