Press Releases

June 14, 2022 Press Release
Legislation tackles hunger, lifts up farmers and rural communities, rebuilds public health and safety infrastructure, and confronts the climate crisis
"The bill helps create a more resilient baby formula market with increased funding for workers at the Food and Drug Administration to inspect baby formula and review new products. The funding will make food safer by strengthening our response to foodborne illness outbreaks."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
Legislation protects our national security, upholds our commitments to servicemembers, veterans, and their families, and rebuilds our infrastructure. For the first time ever, spending bill separates VA Medical Care into its own funding category to better meet the needs of our veterans.
“This critical legislation builds on our commitment to our veterans with targeted funding to enhance mental health care, suicide prevention, and substance use disorder programs, advance women’s health and whole health initiatives, and provide homelessness assistance to our veterans most in need."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
Legislation supports the Capitol Police, protects the U.S. Capitol, and strengthens the capacity of the Congress to serve our communities
"More than a year after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, this bill bolsters investments to further secure the Capitol Complex and support the Capitol Police, including increasing funds to hire more police officers and improve resources to retain and bolster the wellness of the existing force."
June 14, 2022 Press Release
Legislation helps Ukraine defend its democracy, protects national security, and confronts the climate crisis
"Building off the support Congress has delivered to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Defense Appropriations bill honors our soldiers and their families and civilians who support our nation’s military."
June 8, 2022 Press Release
“Beginning with next week’s markups, the Appropriations Committee will build off those transformative investments with bills that continue to help meet the needs of working people, lower costs, and address many of the major challenges we face at home and abroad. I look forward to working with my colleagues—on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers—to get our spending bills once again over the finish line.”
May 19, 2022 Press Release
"I am proud to have led the passage of this bill and look forward to President Biden signing it into law swiftly. Together, we are providing critical funding to end this senseless violence and help the Ukrainian people defend themselves and their democracy.”
May 18, 2022 Press Release
"Our babies are vulnerable, and parents are desperate. This critical funding will work in tandem with President Biden’s launch of Operation Fly Formula and invocation of the Defense Production Act to help quickly and safely address the infant formula shortage in this country and help prevent this from happening again."
May 17, 2022 Press Release
"While we know we have more work to do to get to the bottom of serious safety concerns at an Abbott facility and the FDA’s failure to address them with any sense of urgency, this bill is the first step to help restock shelves and end this shortage.”
May 12, 2022 Press Release
"“The whistleblower report I submitted for the record details a culture at Abbott of falsifying records, turning a blind eye to safety and product concerns, and retaliating against any employee who brought these issues to light. It is not enough to simply focus on supply chain issues. We must examine many states’ reliance on infant formula produced by Abbott."
May 10, 2022 Press Release
“Given the magnitude of the terror campaign being waged against the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian democracy, we are morally obligated to ensure Ukraine has the security and economic aid they need. I am proud to have joined my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a bill that does just that."