March 29, 2022 Statement
"Day in day out, OIG staff are truly the unsung heroes in the battle against waste, fraud, and abuse. Your work through audits, investigations, and reviews helps protect the taxpayers’ interests while improving the Department’s effectiveness and efficiency."
March 16, 2022 Statement
"We look forward to hearing how CENTCOM is postured and resourced to address these and other challenges, and to support the 50,000 U.S. personnel serving in your area of responsibility."
March 9, 2022 Statement
"This package makes historic investments in the middle class and people who are living paycheck to paycheck. They deserve a government that, instead of catering to the wealthy and big corporations, bends over backwards to support them. By providing a 6.7 percent increase for non-defense funding – the largest increase in four years – that is exactly what we are doing."
March 9, 2022 Statement
"The funding in this bill expands child care and early learning programs, it strengthens public schools, it makes college more affordable, and it bolsters job training. It puts people to work rebuilding our crumbling roads, our bridges, our transit systems, water infrastructure. It unlocks the funding provided by the Infrastructure Investment and the Jobs Act. And, as I know Members on both sides of the dais appreciate, we are directly investing in all of our districts through Community Project Funding for the first time in 10 years. This bill supports the vulnerable by meeting Americans’ basic needs, by strengthening nutrition assistance, funding more affordable housing, and addressing gender-based violence."
February 8, 2022 Statement
“No one wins from additional Continuing Resolutions, which is why – after we pass this extension – we will finalize an omnibus that will deliver for our nation."
February 7, 2022 Statement
“I am confident that Appropriators can agree on a framework in short order and then work with great intensity to fill in the details, so that we can enact an agreement that is worthy of the people we are here to serve. To provide the time to get that work done, the Further Additional Extending Government Funding Act before you continues government funding at current levels through March 11."
January 12, 2022 Statement
"I am particularly alarmed by the suggestion of some that they would prefer to funding the government under a full-year Continuing Resolution. This would harm our military: stalling modernization efforts, readiness, capacity, recruitment, operations and maintenance, impacting pay for our troops, and wasting billions in taxpayer dollars on capabilities we no longer need."
January 12, 2022 Statement
"I urge my Republican colleagues to come to join us at the negotiating table so we can fund the entire government. Because America’s national security is about more than how many dollars we provide the Pentagon."
January 11, 2022 Statement
"One year after the horrors of that day the Capitol Police are still recovering. While their physical wounds may have healed, there is still so much more they will need to rebuild."
January 11, 2022 Statement
"None of us will forget the events of January 6th...How we remember and respond will determine how we collectively learn from the trials and mistakes that day. As we move forward, we do not want to fall into the trap of preparing to fight the last war.  Rather, we must thoughtfully plan to ensure the next one never happens. Ignoring the mistakes of the past or refusing to learn and grow from them will only continue to leave the Capitol Campus vulnerable to unknown and unexpected threats."