December 9, 2021 Statement
“The American people deserve a voice in how their money is spent. Through their duly elected representatives in the Congress, the Protecting Our Democracy Act gives the American people that voice."
December 2, 2021 Statement
“And while I wish the February 18 end date were earlier, and I pursued earlier dates, I believe this agreement allows the appropriations process to move forward toward a final funding agreement that addresses the needs of the American people. Let me be clear: Working families, small businesses, veterans, and our military need the certainty that comes with passing omnibus funding legislation instead of short-term funding patches. Republicans must join us for bipartisan, bicameral negotiations to resolve our differences and keep government working for us all."
December 2, 2021 Statement
"With a new deadline of February 18, now is the time for our Republican colleagues to offer constructive proposals to address the critical issues facing the country by funding the federal government’s important work for the American people."
November 17, 2021 Statement
"The fact of the matter is every day that low-income countries remain vulnerable to COVID-19 is another day for the virus to mutate and to adapt. And if we fail to ensure their access to vaccines, those countries will become the breeding grounds for new variants—variants that may be more transmissible or even worse – vaccine resistant."
October 27, 2021 Statement
"The United States has to play a leadership role in ending the virus’ uncontrolled spread in the world’s less developed countries. We need to enhance equitable access to vaccines across the world, making tests, therapeutics, personal protective equipment (PPE) more widely available. We need to begin the work now to prevent future pandemics, by aligning around common global targets, tracking progress, and supporting one another in fulfilling our commitments."
October 27, 2021 Statement
"Recovery from the pandemic must mean more than just recovery from the COVID-19 disease.  We need to think through how we can help countries build their resilience for the long-term and preserve our development and health gains."
October 26, 2021 Statement
"Over the past few years, several studies and reports have expressed significant concern about the ability of our workforce to meet the current and future workforce gaps in skilled trades, engineering, and emerging technologies throughout the defense sector...This challenge has been a particular interest of mine as Chair, and the Committee’s report for Fiscal Year 2022 includes several reporting requirements from the Department on this issue."
October 21, 2021 Statement
"I understand that VA is eager to continue moving forward with additional ‘go-lives’ next year but the problems identified at Mann-Grandstaff must also be addressed and accounted for in future rollouts. VA has a responsibility to demonstrate improved progress at Mann-Grandstaff. This progress will help build confidence in the new system among VA staff and Veterans."
September 30, 2021 Statement
"The funding in this bill will grow opportunity and lift up hard-working American families. It will support our early childhood education programs, our schools, and our high-quality job training. It will continue to help the hungry put food on the table and keep food safety inspectors on the job. It will safeguard our consumers from product safety hazards and protect our environment from polluters. And it will ensure the most vulnerable remain healthy and housed with access to the life-saving resources and support services that they need."
September 23, 2021 Statement
"This bill demonstrates that Congress’ commitment to our friend and ally Israel is bipartisan and ironclad. It fulfills our moral imperative to protect the lives of innocent civilians and helps build the foundations for peace."