July 6, 2020 Statement
"At a time when hunger is growing, the food supply is under threat, and more and more Americans are falling into poverty, this bill responds effectively to: Meet the needs of SNAP and WIC to ensure the most vulnerable have access to nutritious meals; reduce hunger by increasing funding for the Summer EBT program; and increase investments in the child nutrition program by $1.5 billion."
July 6, 2020 Statement
"With a total of $65.87 billion, the House bill rejects the President’s “go-it-alone” approach to foreign policy and expresses the Committee’s concerns about the timely obligation and prudent expenditure of resources."
June 11, 2020 Statement
"With the funds provided, now would be the time to start fulfilling the Nation’s obligations. Instead, the Federal government is failing once again - providing insufficient personal protective equipment, incomplete test kits, and delayed distribution of funds. As of June 9, IHS reports 13,806 positive COVID-19 cases. That is out of 162,595 tests provided, or an 8.5% positive rate. But this is not even a comprehensive picture of the extent of the virus and the deaths it has caused."
June 4, 2020 Statement
"With many states beginning to re-open, the CDC must remain vigilant to combat the continued increase in cases as well as the expected second wave this fall. The President’s preference of a patchwork for 50 different states fighting covid-19 on their own will not stop these levels of destruction and will lead to more suffering and death. We need a national strategy on testing and tracing, and we need it now."
June 4, 2020 Statement
"We cannot have a CDC that fails to publish high-quality, specific, technical guidance. We cannot have a CDC that has reports shelved, edited, not scientifically driven, or redrafted to suit political purposes. We cannot have a CDC that provides spotty data collection and reporting. We cannot have a CDC that fails at transparency. We need federal leadership that is guided by public health expertise, real-time, rigorous, and transparent. We need CDC and its scientists and public health experts leading the way. And, I am angry that their experience and commitment have been pushed aside for a political agenda."
May 28, 2020 Statement
"During this horrible coronavirus crisis, our responsibility to the men and women who have served our country has never been more vital. This Administration’s lack of preparation and mismanagement has led to needless death and suffering, and much fear among veterans, their families, and the health care professionals who care for them."
May 28, 2020 Statement
"I cannot underscore enough the importance of this hearing as we strive to take care of our veterans and do everything in our power to keep our frontline health care workers safe. This hearing is an important opportunity to provide oversight of the almost $20 billion Congress has appropriated to VA in emergency funding in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the CARES Act to assist VA in combating the pandemic."
May 6, 2020 Statement
"I am angry that the White House mismanaged America’s reaction to the pandemic, and the President has done everything he could to avoid accountability. I am particularly upset about the lack of the necessary testing and personal protective equipment capacity. Both of which could help us to regain control."
March 12, 2020 Statement
"Let me be clear: Our nation’s security cannot afford a budget that does not adequately fund our diplomatic and development programs, or life-saving humanitarian assistance. Diplomacy and development programs are our best hope to tackle the difficult issues facing the world, making the draconian cuts proposed by this administration irresponsible. For as long as I have been a part of this Subcommittee, we have had bipartisan agreement that foreign assistance is critical to our national security and to maintaining America’s leadership role in the world. As Chairwoman, I have every expectation that we will produce a bill that maximizes each taxpayer dollar while responding to today’s many needs."
March 11, 2020 Statement
"GPO is now distributing more and more information by digital means, such as through its upgraded and steadily growing website now called 'GovInfo.' GPO’s fundamental function is making information about the operations of government—particularly the Congress— readily available to the public. That’s a crucial function in a democracy."