July 11, 2019 Statement
"The oversight of programs and operations to ensure accountability and effectiveness of taxpayer dollars must be a paramount focus of all government agencies, and I am glad you are here today to provide your assessment of where improvements need to be made at the Department of State and USAID."
July 9, 2019 Statement
"The United States has some of the best technology and marketing minds in the world. However, Russian disinformation campaigns only seem to be growing stronger. We must adapt and innovate to effectively deliver programming and inform audiences."
June 27, 2019 Statement
"We could have done better for the children and families. But unfortunately, the White House and the Senate would not allow that. So, we will fight another day – and we will never stop fighting to protect the children, who are our future."
June 25, 2019 Statement
"This bill totals $4.5 billion for basic human needs and better care. It includes $200 million for an integrated, multi-agency processing center pilot program with non-profits as well as $60 million to assist local entities and non-profits serving the influx of migrants. The President’s cruel immigration policies that tear apart families and terrorize communities demand the stringent safeguards in this bill to ensure these funds are used for humanitarian needs only – not for immigration raids, not detention beds, not a border wall."
June 25, 2019 Statement
"House Democrats are fighting to ensure that America is safe, strong, and moving forward. The investments in this bill to fund financial regulators and small businesses improve the financial security of every family. And with the inclusion of funding for election security, we can safeguard our democracy."
June 24, 2019 Statement
"We cannot allow our anger at this President to blind us to the horrific conditions at facilities along the border as the agencies run out of money."
June 19, 2019 Statement
"Today we continue investing For the People with H.R. 3055, consisting of five fiscal year 2020 appropriations bills that offer a brighter future for American families and make American communities safer and stronger."
June 12, 2019 Statement
"For too long, working people and middle-class families have been shortchanged. We are moving ambitiously to make sure that we provide every individual with a better chance at a better life. Because we believe that that is our obligation as members of the Congress."
June 12, 2019 Statement
"The bill would provide $690.2 billion for the Department of Defense, which is $15.8 billion above the fiscal year 2019 enacted level and $8 billion below the request. The base funding recommendation is $622.1 billion, which is $15.6 billion above the fiscal year 2019 enacted level and $88.2 billion above the request. The overseas contingency operations recommendation is $68.1 billion, which is $165 million above the fiscal year 2019 enacted level and $96.2 billion below the request."
June 12, 2019 Statement
"In sum, this bill invests in innovation programs at the Department of Energy to yield future opportunities and jobs, promotes economic prosperity and bolsters trade, and helps address the many challenges facing our Great Lakes – the largest collection of fresh water on the planet. And our bill prepares our country to mitigate and adapt to climate change."