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December 9, 2009 Press Release
Obey StatementConference Report and Statement of ManagersBill Summary: Transportation, HUDBill Summary: Commerce, Justice, ScienceBill Summary: Financial ServicesBill Summary: Labor, HHS, EdBill Summary: Military Construction, VABill Summary: State, Foreign OperationsList of Conferees
December 8, 2009 Press Release
Bill Summary: Conference AgreementEarmark ListBill Text: Conference Agreement, Div. BStatement of Managers, Div. B
December 4, 2009 Press Release
Obey Statement"The unemployment numbers...are better than expected" but "It isn't Christmas yet on the job front"
December 1, 2009 Press Release
Obey Statement"If this endeavor is to be pursued, we must have a renewed sense of shared sacrifice"
November 19, 2009 Press Release
Obey Statement"Share the Sacrifice Act ends borrowing to pay for Afghan war"
November 16, 2009 Press Release
Obey Statement"Credibility counts in government and stupid mistakes like this undermine it"