March 5, 2021 Statement
"Draconian caps on discretionary spending meant that we had to make tough choices on where to put limited VA dollars. But we cannot overlook the real, serious infrastructure needs that exist as well. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Investing in infrastructure has broader benefits on the economy and on the local community, as it supports construction jobs, material manufacturers, and revitalizes neighborhoods."
March 4, 2021 Press Release

In a new letter, House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT-03), Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee Chair Matt Cartwright (D-PA-08), and Democratic Members of the House Appropriations Committee today urged President Biden to nominate Shalanda Young as Director of the Office of the Management and Budget.

March 3, 2021 Press Release
“Neera Tanden is a skilled public servant and a close ally in our shared fight for working families. While I am disappointed her nomination was withdrawn, she will remain a trusted partner and I look forward to working with her in a new capacity. To fill the position of Director of the Office of Management and Budget, I unreservedly recommend Shalanda Young. As Appropriations Chair, I have seen firsthand her commitment to America’s working families."
March 3, 2021 Statement
"The Library of Congress is treasure of the United States and it is our duty to protect the valuable collections and preserve the Library’s ability to chronicle this great nation and provide access to our history for generations to come."
March 3, 2021 Statement
"I think January 6th made it clear that increases are needed, but we need to understand what the increases will be used to accomplish. We need to understand the plan for this year and the next year and how the increases provided will be regularized."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"CBO is a nonpartisan office that plays a vital role in helping Congress effectively exercise our duties enshrined in Article I, section 9, clause 7 of the Constitution, know colloquially as the “power of the purse”. You have become such a part of this institution that we may take it for granted. CBO’s role remains vital for the legislative branch to have our own independent economic analysis and cost estimate of proposed legislation, so we do not have to rely solely on the Office of Management and Budget within the Executive Branch."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"Each of the Service Academies house some of the best and brightest of our young generation. Many of these women and men will hold leadership positions in their respective Services for the next thirty years. Given this fact, it is imperative that they are well educated, not only on executing the military missions of the future but also are grounded in the ideals on which this nation has been built and the oath that they take to serve."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"It is unconscionable that the very people we depend on to help deliver a safe and abundant supply of food are themselves subject to unacceptably lax safety standards and dangerous work environments riddled with wholly preventable safety hazards."
March 2, 2021 Statement
"Although the budget for the your organization is small as compared to the rest of our Legislative Branch Agencies, it has had a real impact in increasing understanding of, and appreciation for, United States democratic values and democratic institutions in an area of the world where Russia’s malign influence stands firmly opposed to our democratic principles and national security interests."
February 26, 2021 Press Release
House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) today announced that the House will accept Member requests for Community Project Funding in appropriations bills for the upcoming fiscal year.